Be a Parish Representative - Be an CGM Apostle

Just as the Apostles were sent out to spread the Good News, you can spread the word at your church, school, youth group, Sunday School, and among your friends and the parents of camp-aged kids. Just follow these 3 easy steps:


First, please SIGN UP for the e-newsletter and check that you’re interested in CGM – that way, we can send you reminders and timely materials as they are published, including posters, flyers, bulletin texts, dates and times for Pre-Camp PARTIES, and more! 


Next, download this CGM poster, and place it prominently in your youth group room, Sunday School Room, Church office, bulletin boards, etc.  Make sure the communications person at your church knows about camp and puts an announcement in the bulletins and/or newsletter. 


Finally, every parent with school-aged kids starts thinking about and planning summer activities for their families at the beginning of the year. THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAMP EARLY! SPREAD THE WORD – tell your friends about camp, show them the video, and make sure they get an application.