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Planning your event with DuBose is easy! Below are some resources that will help coordinators and group planners, and answers to common questions.

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Event Coordinator Resources

Your Event At DuBose (PDFs): 
--- One-Sheet PDFs for Lodging, Meeting Spaces, and Amenities + Menu Options

Coordinator Check List (PDF): Click Here
---- A suggested timeline for coordinating your event.

Event Promotor Check List (PDF): Click Here
--- A suggested check list to help you promote your event.

Maps (print out on 8.5" x 11" letter-sized paper):



Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is DuBose a nonprofit?

Yes! DuBose is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3... which means two important things:

  1. We're on a mission: DuBose Conference Center is an historic Episcopal camp, conference, and retreat center that offers hospitality, programming, and sacred space to groups of all faiths and backgrounds for education, creativity, and renewal.

  2. Contributions to DuBose Conference Center are tax deductable (and greatly appreciated). You can learn more about where your donations go, sign up for one-time or reccuring online donations, and more on our Donate Page: duboseconf.org/donate

+ What is the reservation process like?

It's easy to reserve! These are the steps in our reservation process:

  1. Fill out the Plan Your Event page or contact DuBose Guest Services (931.924.2353 / stephanie@duboseconferencecenter.org) to reserve number and types of lodging / dining. Be sure and mention if you've stayed with us before!
  2. DuBose will respond and work with you on calendar dates and any details pertinent to your reservation.
  3. Once that's settled, we'll send you an official Rental Agreement with those details outlined.
  4. Sign & return the Rental Agreement with deposit to Guest Services. Reservation will be on hold for two weeks from the time Reservation paperwork is sent to you.
  5. That's it!

+ What deadlines do you have?

The following deadlines are helpful to keep in mind:

  • (Optional) Request a/v equipment as far in advance as possible, as this is often in high demand
  • (Optional) Requested menus are due a month in advance
  • Minimum lodging / dining numbers are due 10 days out from your event start day. After this date numbers can go up, but not down. If DuBose is not contacted, the number on your Rental Agreement will stand as your reservation.
  • Setups are due 10 - 5 days out from your event. If DuBose is not provided with setups sheets by 5 days out, they will be determined by the Guest Services Manager. If you have booked with us before, we will refer to your sheets from previous events for guidance. You may opt to move any non-permanent DuBose furniture on your own after you arrive at DuBose, but furniture availability will not be guaranteed.
  • Payment is due by departure, but will be accepted prior to that time. Late payment may be subject to additional fees.

+ Is there a minimum group size?

There is no minimum group size to lodge at DuBose. To receive dining services, you must reserve for a minimum of 12 people. Reservation preference is given to groups who opt to lodge and dine on site.

+ Can more than one group be at DuBose?

Yes, we regularly host multiple groups on site. Much of our scheduling is determined by the estimated size of groups, meeting space usage, and the nature of your event. We do our best to pair groups with similar event goals in the same weekend.

Exclusive facility booking may be requested at no charge for groups with over 120 guaranteed diners & lodgers in Bishop's / Claiborne Hall. For groups with 100 - 120 guaranteed diners & lodgers in Bishop's / Claiborne Hall, exclusive booking may be reserved for a $250 per calendar day fee. Guaranteed reservations that are not filled will be charged to the group at the current year's Bishop's Hall Single Occupancy Rate, plus a seat in all meals.

+ Can I hold my wedding at DuBose?

Yes, and we would be glad to be part of your big day. To ensure that your wedding is an enjoyable and sucessful event, you must have a wedding coordinator who can act as your reprsentative and oversee any third party vendors. For pricing, requirements, and some suggested vendor contacts, see our Wedding Packages Packet.

+ How many rooms do you have available?

The number of available rooms on a given night is dependent on current reservations and lodging occupancy.

Bishop's Hall (hotel-style) has 31 rooms, with 54 beds in total.
27 of the rooms have two standard beds (up to four people), 4 of the rooms have a single queen bed (up to two people).

Claiborne Hall 2nd floor (dorm-style) has 27 rooms with 52 beds in total.
25 of the rooms have two twin beds (up to two people), 1 room has one twin bed (one person), and 1 larger room has two standard beds (up to four people). Claiborne also has overflow lodging available on the 3rd floor and a two room suite on the 1st floor.

There are two winterized / group cabins (bunkhouse-style), with a total of 64 beds.
Each cabin has two wings, plus a common area. Each wing has 16 beds: 14 bunks in a main sleeping area, plus two bunks in an adjoining room. There is a minimum of 12 people in a winterized / group cabin.

There are four rustic / summer cabins (bunkhouse-style), with a total of 48 beds.
Each cabin has a main sleeping area with 10 beds, plus two bunks in an adjoining room. A minimum of 8 people is needed to reserve a summer / rustic cabin.

+ Do you charge based on number of rooms or number of people?

We charge based on occupancy, meaning that the number of guests staying in a room determines the rate. Max occupancy for a room is based on the type of room reserved and the number of beds available.

+ What is your cancellation policy for groups?

For groups who are reserving with DuBose, please inform us as soon as you are sure that your group will have to cancel. The Group Cancellation Policy applies to all events where a group coordinator takes registration for the event. If registration for an event is going through DuBose Guest Services, the cancellation policy for individual reservations will apply instead.

Deposits for cancelled events will not be returned, though you may opt to reschedule your event within the same calendar year, which keeps your event deposit as a credit to your account balance. After 60 days out, there will be a cancellation charge of 25% of the estimated minimum invoice as stated on the DuBose Conference Center Rental Agreement. If a group cancels less than 10 days out, there will be a 75% charge of the estimated minimum invoice as stated on the Rental Agreement.

If someone in your group cancels, you are welcome to remove them from the reservation list up to 10 days out, provided you stay over any minimum # requirements for lodging or dining. Reservations cannot be removed after 10 days out, but we encourage you to ask someone else to take the place of the person who cancelled.

+ What is your cancellation policy for individual reservations?

For individuals who are reserving with DuBose directly (not through a group coordinator), the following reservation policy is in place:

Once an individual has reserved with DuBose, there will be a 50% refund on all cancellations. After two weeks out from the start date of your reservation, there will be no refunds issued for lodging or meals.

+ Do you make provisions for special dietary needs (food allergies, vegeterian, etc)?

We are happy to work with any dietary needs that you may have. Our kitchen is well versed in a variety of cusines, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking. Kitchen staff is trained in safe handling and allergy safe food prep practices, and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you're well taken care of.

Please remember that dietary requests must be submitted at least 10 days in advance by your group coordinator. This is extremely important, both for the purpose of food prep (which often begins a few hours in advance of a meal) and in the case of ingredient ordering. Many speciality items are not easily found on the mountain and must be brought in from external sources. Preparing for a request 10 days in advance helps our kitchen to keep dining costs low by removing expedited delivery fees.

+ I need an accessible room. What can you offer?

All first floor Bishop's Hall rooms will accommodate standard size wheelchairs and can be accessed from a ground entrance. There is also a suite on the first floor of Claiborne Hall that was made with accessibility in mind - the suite features a shower with a low lip and handles, a shower chair, and two rooms that share the hallway and restroom.

Please remember to inform us at your time of booking if someone in your group has mobility needs. DuBose Conference Center is grandfathered into the ADA clause, and although we continue to strive for 100% accessibility, it should be noted that some of our meeting spaces and lodging must be accessed via stairs.

+ Is furniture setup included?

Chairs, tables, lecterns, and more are available - please let us know about your specific needs, and we will do our best to accommodate. Our maintenance crew provides a one-time furniture setup prior to the start time of your event and a one-time furniture tear down after your event has ended. These are included at no charge if your setup requests have been received by Guest Services by the setup deadline. DuBose furniture usage does not cost extra, as it is included in your meeting space.

Additional or non-traditional setups / transitions can be requested in advance and will be charged at an hourly rate. This includes moving furniture from its "permanent" room to a different room (for example, moving the blue chapel chairs from the large chapel to the barth room). Last-minute setup requests will be charged at an hourly last-minute rate.

+ What audio/visual equipment do you have available?

DuBose has on hand projectors, portable projector screens, microphones & stands, speakers, and mixer boards, and other a/v odds and ends that your group may borrow during your event. It is suggested that if you have an a/v heavy setup that your a/v person check with guest services early in the planning process to see what's available on the weekend you book (this can save you some van space!). If you would like, an a/v rehearsal window can be scheduled with guest services prior to your event. For events with speakers or presenters, or events that rely heavily on audio-visual usage, a testing window is highly encouraged.

+ Do we need to bring bed linens and towels?

By default, towels and bed linens are provided to all groups using any of our lodging facilities: Bishop's, Claiborne, or any of the group/winterized or rustic/summer cabins.

+ Do you have a pool? What are the rules?

Our pool is open to registered DuBose guests throughout summer, from mid-May to mid-September, depending on regional weather patterns. Maximum depth is 6 feet; maximum capacity is 80 persons at a time. If desired, groups who are lodging on site may reserve a time block during the day to use the pool or request a night swim block. Pool is open 8:30am to 6:30pm every day for general use unless reserved for a group block.

Group coordinators that have reserved pool blocks will be provided with a pool key. Overnight guests may pick up the key from the Front Office.

Please keep in mind the following Pool Rules & Expectations

  • All children under 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult to child ratio AT ALL TIMES while swimming. Recommended ratios are 1:1 for children under 4, 1:2 for children ages 4 - 8; 1:3 for ages 8-10, and 1:5 for ages 12 - 18.
  • Please note DuBose does not provide lifeguarding services.
  • No animals in pool or on pool deck.
  • No food or drink in the pool area. No glass or other sharp objects.
  • The pool remains locked unless in use. Please remember to lock the pool gate and return the key when you are finished.
  • For groups that want a reserved time block, it is highly recommended to request this when making your reservation. Lifeguards are required for groups that are not lodging at DuBose and responsible adult supervision of children is required for all grounds regardless of lodging status.
  • If you see lightning, hear thunder, or feel rain -- get out of the water!
  • No diving.
  • No horseplay.

+ How do we reserve a campfire pit?

You can reserve a campfire pit anytime prior to the 5 days out setup deadline. DuBose will assign a campfire space based off of group size, schedule, and availability. DuBose or the group coordinator can make a weather call on the campfire if the weather is too rainy or too dry & windy. To reserve a campfire pit, we need two things from your group:

  1. The name and a cell number for one adult individual who will be responsible for watching the fire while it is burning, and,
  2. A designated time for that person to meet a member of the DuBose staff out at the campfire.

DuBose will get the fire going and provide a bucket of water for you to put it out at the end of the night, along with general safety instructions.

+ Do you allow alcohol?

Responsible alcohol use in accordance with DuBose's Alcohol Policy and federal / state laws is allowed. According to the Center's policy, DuBose staff members will not serve or open alcohol containers, including communion wine. Clean-up for bar area and drink containers (bottles, 3rd party glassware, etc) must be done by the group after the social hour.

DuBose Alcohol Policy: Provided that a group is lodging on premise, DuBose Conference Center permits groups to have a social hour with alcoholic beverages without using a certified bar attendant. Event groups not lodging on premise must hire a certified bar attendant at the group's expense.

+ Can we have communion?

Yes, you are welcome to hold communion at DuBose. Vestments, linens, chalices, wafers and more can be found on site in our sacristy room. Groups are welcome to use any of these items, provided that you treat them with care and return them to the sacristy room when finished. Groups are responsible for providing their own wine, setup, and clergy. Used linens can be brought to the front desk, and DuBose will see that these are laundered properly.

+ Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is not permitted indoors in any DuBose facilities or at any non-designated spaces outdoors. If an individuals chooses to smoke in a non-smoking area, the registered individual or group will be subject to cleaning fees and fines.

There are two designated outdoor smoking areas for guests: Outside Claiborne Hall between the Barth Room & St. Andrew's Chapel, and outside Bishop's Hall near the ground floor entrance, by the vending machines. Please discard cigarette butts responsibly and carefully in the ashtray disposable units.

+ Do you allow pets?

For the safety and comfort of our guests, only housebroken service animals who are under the control of their handler are permitted on property. Service animals are defined by ADA guidelines as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability and where the task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability. Please note that no other guest animals, regardless of training or supervision, are permitted on property.

DuBose requests that, if possible, an individual provide advance notice if a service animal will be staying with you so that we may avoid scheduling staff who are allergic to pet dander. If desired, individuals may request a list of area pet boarding facilities for non-certified pets.

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