Be a Good Hiker

Paying it forward...

You've probably heard the phrase, "be the change you want to see in the world" -- and that's exactly what DuBose is challenging you to do this summer: Get out and do some GOOD!

If you're visiting Monteagle Mountain to say hello to Mother Nature this year, DuBose invites you to come stay with us and do a Good Deed.

What does the Good Hiker Discount apply to?

+ Overnight Lodging in our hotel/motel style building (Bishop’s) or the dorm-style building (Claiborne) as availability allows.

Available Reservation Dates:

The Good Hiker Discount is applicable towards Overnighter Lodging reservations made for April 22, 2019 until August 15, 2019.

What kinds of Good Deeds can I do?

Previous good deeds have included trail maintenance / trash pick-up, volunteering for a good cause at one of our community partners, picking up litter along a trail, and working in the DuBose Garden.

How do I prove my good deed?

Photographic evidence! Take a picture of you doing your good deed. Post the photo on social media (tag DuBose Conference Center & use hashtag #GoodHiker) or email it to Guest Services at

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Businesses & Nonprofits: Click here to download a copy of the flier.

To submit a volunteer opportunity for the Good Deeds list, contact