Volunteering with DuBose is fun and easy!


If you’re interested in volunteering at DuBose, you’ve come to the right page. Contact us and let us know which volunteer opportunity YOU want to contribute to:

  • Join us at Little Fixes - Little Fixes is a monthly volunteer opportunity where we choose one little project on this big, beautiful campus. Little Fixes dates are updated regularly and posted at the end of this page. Projects are often listed as “TBD”, as we prioritize according to the area of greatest need & the skillsets that volunteers bring to the table. Registration / Facebook RSVP is NOT required or expected, but is appreciated nonetheless.

  • Be a Garden Volunteer - Part of our Healthy Roots “whole health” initiative, we are already recruiting volunteers for the 2019 DuBose Garden! General volunteers to help with planting & harvesting are welcome and greatly appreciated! If you have garden specialization / skill / knowledge, we would love to have you join the Key Team.

  • Bring your Service Group - Let us know if you are coming as part of an on-site group, or if you want to set up a day-service visit to the Center. Any size group is welcome.

  • Be a Community Workshop Leader - If you have a gift and want to share it with the world, we will work with you to host your workshop and promote it as part of our regular promotional outreach. Workshops need to be free to the public (donation boxes are allowed), need to have set start & end times, and you must be present at all workshop events.

  • (High Schoolers) Get Your Tennessee Promise Hours - Volunteer with us in the Dining Hall during peak season, at the Garden, or join us during a Little Fixes volunteer day. Since we do have to do official recordkeeping / letterwriting for this one, you have to let us know ahead of time that you’re interested.

Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch!


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Upcoming Little Fixes Dates:

Saturday, April 27 10am - 2pm
Saturday, May 25
Saturday, June 29



We are so glad for our beloved volunteers — the awesome, inspiring people who give their time & talents to making DuBose Conference Center the best Center that it can be. THANK YOU!



Another Opportunity to Help Out:
Be a #GoodHiker

A special lodging discount for those doing good out in the community this Summer & Spring. Find out more on the Good Hiker webpage.